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If you require a list of animals and feeders

EMAIL us anytime - gepets@outlook.com

No walk in sales available - $60.00 - min delivery in kw region for free delivery - all other orders will HAVE a $5.99 fuel charge ADDED per order.




Frequently asked questions - answered here!


How can I order reptiles ? 

Answer - you can email - gepets@outlook.com and we can take care of any ordering process for you, Alternatively you can call Rob @

519 - 998 - 5569

Where can I view all the reptiles for sale ? 

Answer - we upload pics every day to our facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/gepets/   OR our search for our instagram page globalexoticpetsinc

How do I set up a wholesale account  ? 

Answer - email Rob @ gepets@outlook.com from there you will provide the necessary details for it to be set up. 

What type of guarantee do you offer on live animals ? 

Answer - we offer a seven day health guarantee on all animals picked up within 1hr of unpacking or pickup. 

How do you ship live reptiles ? 

Answer - we have a live UPS account we ship 9 months of the year Canada wide no problem to your closest UPS DEPOT, we generally do not ship during November to March if the TEMPS fall below 0. - Global Exotic Pets is not responsible for shipping errors or mishandling or costumers being late to pick up the shipments. This VOIDS any health guarantees. 

Where do you deliver ? 

Answer - we deliver most areas in south western Ontario - if you require a service for this, contact us and we can figure out a rate based on your location - if it is at all possible. 

Do you ship world wide ? 

Answer  - yes, this is in fact most of our reptile business is out of country sales and service.... If you require more information you can email Rob @ gepets@outlook.com - health certificates, c.i.t.e.s. permits and other documentation is at importers expense and will be added to the invoice. 


Breeding Facilities

We were one of the original breeders of the crested gecko - Correlophus Cilliatus our breeding group acquired dating in the mid1990s and still breeding like crazy today! We breed many other species as well. 

Leopard geckos, Gargolye geckos,Tokay geckos, Bearded dragons, Veiled chameleons and Several species of Day gecko (from the genus Phelsuma).




We only carry products that we see fit to use ourselves as breeders. All our uv lighting, supplements , reptile diets along with substrates have been long proven here first - tried tested and true before being sold!


We also offer educational displays / reptile shows.  For more information - kindly emails us ! - gepets@outlook.com